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When is a job not just over broke?   Hey, I know that sentence sounds a bit clunky and if you haven’t heard the term “just over broke” as an acronym for JOB then it sounds real clunky, but bear with me for a second.

Many people consider working at home or having their own business as being the end all and be all in the realm of career or money-making.  For others it’s get a job, any job, and keep working it til they can’t work it anymore.

For those who are in jobs they don’t like or don’t think pay well enough that view of owning their own business or of working for themselves at home can be alluring.   This, and the fact that for many business owners the sky is the limit as far as profits is concerned, has left many with the view that a JOB does stand for “just over broke!”

A Job versus Your Own Business

Now with your own business it may take time to realize a profit (sometimes never).   And, in the beginning of starting and running your own business you may find that you are working harder than you ever did at any job.  And, in fact you may be just as broke as if you were working a job in which you lived paycheck to paycheck!

The positive side is that if your business takes off and you employ good management you can reap extraordinary benefits.   Those with successful businesses with good management in place can essentially let the business “run itself” to a point while they take time off and count their money!

However, not everyone has the mindset or drive to own and run their own business.  If that is the case, is a JOB necessarily a road to “just over broke?”  Hardly.

For many others a  job is far from “just over broke.”   There are a variety of high-paying and very high-paying jobs that can allow you to get out of the rat race sometimes faster than starting and running your own business.  For instance, we recently featured a post on the highest paying jobs in the world.   With one of those jobs, depending on what you think you need, you may only need to work a couple of years to save enough to retire.

In fact, you basically only need three things to turn any job into a springboard for early retirement.

1.  Work at a job that pays you enough to have excess every month to invest.   As Benjamin Franklin used to say, and I’m paraphrasing liberally here, “Make more than you spend and you have a recipe for happiness” and “Spend more than you make and you have a recipe for misery.”

This is a big key.   Obviously, the more education you have the easier it is to find and work your way up to Big Money.  However, there are a number of jobs out there that pay surprisingly well with little or no education.   If you are actively looking at what a job really pays it is often just as easy to land a big-money job compared to one that pays peanuts.

Have you seen the show on Bravo called Million Dollar Listing?  They follow around real estate brokers who are making fortunes selling real estate.  These guys obviously love what they’re doing and get paid handsomely to do it.  In many cases they’ll make one sale that generates over $100,000 in commission!   Hard to see that JOB as just over broke lol!

With the above example, think of a field you can enter where there is a lot of money.   High end sellers of real estate cater to wealthy clients.   Sellers of high end art cater to wealthy clients.  As boomers age, more and more of them will need health services.  Nurses and doctors are usually very well paid and the demand for capable employees in the field seems to be great.

On the semi-flipside I have a buddy that works in the oil industry.  While he doesn’t particularly love his job, he makes over $100k a year working just 3 weeks of every month.  Would he rather be doing something else?   Yes, he would probably rather be retired but with the money he is making he is able to save a lot for retirement while at the same time buying some expensive toys that the week off every month allows him to play with!   He is hardly “just over broke.”

I have another friend who works a stinky job.  Yes, he is a plumber.    But, having said that, he is a rich plumber!  This guy makes an absolute fortune and he doesn’t really mind what he is doing.  He is very good at his job, brings in a lot of business, and may one day own his own plumbing business.  In the meantime, he is content to just be rich…

2.  Actively invest the money you have left over every month.  The more you have available the easier it is to ramp up the investments.  For instance, if you have a decent paying job and you take the extra money you make every month and decide to invest in rental real estate within several years you may have a small rental empire growing.  Once the income from your rentals outpaces your income from the JOB you may decide to retire.

The mere fact that you are actively investing the extra money you have every month will benefit you on many different levels.  First, you’ll soon have a very nice cash cushion.  Just knowing it is there and that you could leave any job for an extended period of time makes working that job all the easier.  Essentially, you have less stress with the knowledge that you don’t have to keep working that job if you don’t won’t to!  Also, you have more peace of mind knowing that the fruits of your investments may one day soon allow you permanently step away from that job.

3.  Go after a job you love in a field that pays big money.   If you are doing work you love, it will certainly feel less like a chore or a task.   On the other hand, if you are doing something you despise, no amount of money will be compensation enough.   The only way you should continue working in a field you hate is if you have a very limited timeline and absolutely need the money at the moment.  Otherwise, it just isn’t worth it for your peace of mind.

If you do manage to find a job that you love that pays you big money you’ll be doing something you love and getting paid for it!  Now, this may be easier said than done but it is definitely something to aspire to.

I know a kid who loved all things dealing with trains.  He got a job working on the railroad!  He really likes being around the trains and makes big money especially for someone with no education or experience!  He is frugal so should have no trouble saving quite a bit of money in a relatively short span of time.  The savings will give him more options down the road.  In the meantime, life is a train-ride for him!

Talk about getting paid to do something you love, I knew a guy who was a retired pilot.  He missed flying so he got hired to be the on call pilot for a millionaire.  Needless to say he made a huge amount of money and still flew so little that every flight was enjoyable for him!

So, those are the three things that make a JOB not just over broke.  Of course, you’ll still be tied to the job unless it’s one in which you make the schedule.  But, if it is something you love, you’re making great money and you’re actively investing for future freedom, a JOB doesn’t have to be another name for Just Over Broke.

Ideal Dream Business 

If you don’t want to continue working for someone else why not think up and create your ideal dream business?  I was watching an episode of House Hunters the other day (I love that show – especially the international version) and they featured a gal looking for a home near the beach in Nicaragua.  She  had decided to open up her own surf school – I think with yoga classes- for women.  You talk about an ideal lifestyle.  People pay you to come surf with you at your house!

Can you think of an ideal business you could create that would pay your bills?

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