TOMS Gives Back and Makes Money at the Same Time

oneforoneTOMS is the brainchild of Blake Mycoskie.  After an enlightening trip to Argentina in which Mycoskie found that the children there were in dire need of shoes, he devised an idea for a shoe company that would give one pair of shoes away for every pair they sold.  The result is that Mycoskie now makes money and gives back at the same time.  And, how many shoes has his company provided for the less fortunate?   Over 10 million!

In fact, Mycoskie is not stopping there.  He is taking the “one for one” concept and applying it to other areas.  The next area is eyewear to help those in need.   It’s amazing to think of the amount of help that his one idea has brought to millions.  And, it could be millions more as he starts to take the “one for one” concept to other areas.

With the story of Mycoskie’s company in mind, is there some idea or product that you could create and blend with a charity concept?   Maybe there is some service that you can provide and help others while making money as well?  Let us know what you think of TOMS and if you have any ideas that you think might fly!

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