Thrive – The Movie

Thrive the movieThrive – the movie is from the folks at Thrive Movement.  It is an interesting look at a variety of factors influencing the economy and our planet.   It comes from Foster Gamble, of the legendary Proctor-Gamble family.

One of the basic messages from the movie is that our purpose on planet earth is to thrive yet for many it is a struggle just to survive.  Why is that and what can we do about it?   Watch Thrive – the Movie for one man’s take on that.

Thrive- the movie has some amazing and sometimes unbelievable concepts.  Do your own research and don’t take anything at face value.  Most of the concepts I’ve come across before.  For some of the concepts there seems ample evidence, for others like the citing of the Creature of Jekyll Island book there are definitely alternate explanations that seem more plausible to me.

But the Thrive movie and the Thrive movement itself is a fascinating one.  The notion that there is a hidden code that could reveal a source of pure clean energy is incredibly interesting.  If the search might one day yield this energy that would be even more incredible!

One of Gamble’s lines that I like is, “I have found out we are not a mistake, we are simply mistaken.”  Simply put that we are unaware of our true power and magnificence.  Now I like the sound of that.

Gamble had a unique childhood complete with visions from beyond.   A vision he had as a child of a certain pattern in nature piqued his curiosity about the world and lead him into the field of science.   Later he came across that pattern again.  Mathematicians called this pattern the Torus.   He was introduced to this pattern by scientist and inventor Arthur Young.  This pattern, also discussed by Einstein lead Gamble into the study of quantum physics and self-organizing systems.

At a Sequoia Symposium organized by Gamble he discovered that there were folks using the Torus pattern as the basis of creating a system of pure clean energy known variously as free energy, zero point energy or new energy.   As Gamble notes this search for free clean universal energy could be just what the earth needs to get out of it’s great poverty.   He also notes that this Torus pattern found in many ancient societies and crop circles may hold the key to not only universal energy but new types of propulsion.

In this movie the Gamble’s follow the money to ascertain why these free energy devices and possible cancer cures are not coming to light.  It is a fascinating and depressing look at the power wielded by certain elite groups in power.

Thrive the movie takes some interesting twists and turns.  From free energy to extraterrestrials to ufos to crop cirles to Nikola Tesla to Rife machines to manipulated economies to Terminator technology to the New World Order and beyond this movie has something for everyone.  How much of it is really real?   Who knows for sure, but one thing is certain – the more you can improve your own little world the more you can improve the world of others.

With that said, take from Thrive the movie what you can to make your own life thrive as well as the lives of others!

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