The Smartest Man in the World Does This for a Living??

the smartest man in the worldAt one time he was said to have the highest iq ever recorded.   But if he is the smartest man in the world why does he do “this” for a living?

What job does the so called smartest man in the world do?   Watch the videos on this page to discover for yourself what the so called smartest man in the world does for a living and why that high iq doesn’t necessarily translate to success with money.  I wondered if one of the considerations that he took the job was that money held little value for him and that his thoughts were on a higher realm.

Truth be told after watching the video his thoughts do seem to be on a higher level, but at the same time he doesn’t seem all that satisfied with what he is doing for a living.   And, with that much brain power it seems that he should be able to channel it in a direction in which he could make more money if he chose.   Of course, he may be so preoccupied with his genius thoughts that he doesn’t want to take the time to use them to make money.   Having said that it seems he would realize that doing so would free up even more of his time so he could spend it in deep reflection if that is what he wanted.

These videos give you the opportunity to look into the mind of a genius.  A genius that has an ordinary job that you wouldn’t normally assoicate with an above mensa level iq.   If you are looking for a roadmap to genius consider the program below:

how to become a genius

How to Become a Genius

The smartest man in the world?   Watch these videos and you decide!

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