The Power of Taking a Positive Risk – Sean Stephenson Video

positive riskIn this inspiring video with Sean Stephenson, he discusses among other things the power of taking a positive risk.  In this case he discusses what happened when he took a positive risk by creating what some would consider a kooky video and uploaded it to youtube.

If you are not familiar with Sean Stephenson he is truly an inspiration.   He is a “little person” with the mind power of a giant!  In fact, when I decided to post this video I wasn’t sure whether to put it here on Buks as an example of taking a positive risk with video marketing or to put it on our mind power site as a testament to the incredible mind power of Sean Stephenson and all the hardships he has overcome in his life.

Now, in the video above Stephenson describes the video he created and uploaded to youtube that landed him a spot on the Jimmy Kimmel show.  Because Sean is a “little person” and the video basically showed how he attracted the ladies, those on the Kimmel show had basically invited him in order to create a spoof segment.   Stephenson goes on to describe how he was able to turn the tables on Kimmel and keep the appearance focused on him.   This is turn skyrocketed his video views on youtube gaining him more acclaim and fame.  He goes on to state that none of this would have happened if he had not taken a positive risk!

In the video above Sean talks a little about his dance party video.  In it, Sean gets goofy and silly and showcases his positive attitude.  Check out Sean Stephenson’s Dance Party video below!


Dance Party Video – Sean Stephenson



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