The Bonafide Hustler

bonafidehustlerHave you ever wanted to make money buying and selling items on your own?  Well, here are some great tips on how you can do it from the Bonafide Hustler.  The Bonafide Hustler is a young man named Chris from Austin, Texas.  Chris makes a nice side income hitting up local yard sales and swap meets, finding items at a bargain price and then reselling them for a profit.

In the two videos featured here the Bonafide Hustler will share some of his money making secrets on cashing in as a picker or reseller.   One of his secrets is that you should start buying and selling things you know about.  Seems simple, but as he notes, a lot of folks try to buy and sell a variety of things they know nothing about when they first start out.   The more you know about an item or category of items the better you’ll know the real value of an item and be able to negotiate a bargain and then resell for a bigger profit.  If you don’t really know what you’re buying and selling you make get burned.

One of the Bonafide Hustler’s areas of expertise is bicycles.  And, as he shows in the video below he isn’t afraid to pick up several at one time.  One of the things I like about this guy is that he really is a hustler in the sense of going after it.  In the video below he is hitting up yard sales with his girlfriend and they just seem to jet from one sale to the next.  That is hustling in the literal sense.   With that kind of go get it approach it is no wonder that he seems to come home with a car full of great items for resale.

The Bonafide Hustler also shares info on where and how to sell your items for the best profit.  He uses eBay, Craigslist and Antique Booths to sell his goods.

If you check out the Bonafide Hustler’s youtube channel it is also a great example of how to make money with your own videos.  He provides fantastic content, injects his personality into his videos, asks for people to subscribe to his channel and like his videos.  As of this post he now has over 2,000 subscribers to his ever growing channel.   And, if he has his videos monetized he will eventually start earning a nice little income stream from his youtube channel as well as his picking!

Let us know if you have had any success buying and reselling items like the Bonafide Hustler has.   Remember, if this is something you want to do, start with items or categories of items you know.  Find them at yard sales, garage sales, Craigslist, eBay, swap meets, auctions, etc..  The key, of course is to buy low and then resell for a profit.   If you want some info on how to make money with estate sales we recently ran a post covering that that featured the Redneck Picker.

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