The Billionaire Secrets of John Paul Dejoria

billionaire secretsJohn Paul Dejoria went from homeless to billionaire.  These are the billionaire secrets of John Paul Dejoria who is worth over 4 billion dollars.  Not only is he a billionaire but he is a well known philanthropist as well.  As if all that wasn’t enough he is married to Eloise a former Playboy model.  As he notes his billionaire status allows him to make decisions that can have pos

How did he do it?  Well, he didn’t do it by working a 9 to 5.  As a matter of fact nobody has gotten to billionaire status by working a 9-5 job.   Just this week I read an article on how long it would take the workers of various famous companies to make as much as their CEO’s did in one year.  The number in years ranged from several hundred years to thousands just to equal what their CEO made in one year!   The article highlighted the case of one McDonald’s worker Tyree Johnson who would have to work 550 years to make as much as the CEO made that year.

Dejoria, a very savvy guy, built several different businesses, two of them very well-known and highly popular.  With the help of Paul Mitchell he started the very famous Paul Mitchell line of hair care products.  And then he launched the highly popular  premium tequila product, Patron.

As he explains in the video above one of the secrets to Dejoria’s success is that he started out selling.  He sold encyclopedias door to door, he sold life insurance, he sold dictating equipment, he sold medical supplies and photocopy equipment.  Dejoria related that the ability to continue with a positive attitude in the face of rejection was a key component to his success.  That particular trait along with the ability to sell and the training in salesmanship is something I’ve noted in many other millionaires and successes who have told their stories.

As Dejoria went on to say, when talking about his sales history, “Successful people do all the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do.”

At the age of 20 Dejoria was homeless living in a car with his son after his wife had left him.

In the 1970s he started working for a hair care company and rose to manager.  After being fired from 3 different companies he teamed up with Paul Mitchell.  They both put in $300 a piece and started knocking on doors to sell his product.  That product made him millions.

Some simple billionaire secrets exhibited by John Paul Dejoria:

1.  Learn how to sell.

2.  Persist despite rejection – and do it with a positive attitude!

3.  Learn from your failures.

4.  Give back.

Hope you enjoyed this post on billionaire secrets with John Paul Dejoria.  Have you checked out the Millionaire Society video yet?

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