The 10 Million Dollar Idea

million dollar ideaWe recently featured a post with the Caplan sisters and their Million Dollar Idea.  Well, now comes James Hirschfeld and his sister Alexa and their 10 Million Dollar Idea!

In 2009 James, only 21, came up with the idea of starting a company in which the user could create and send their formal invitations online.  He brought in his sister Alexa and they started Paperless Post which has now done 10 million dollars.  The successful company has also raised over $12 million in capital.  They have sent out over 70 million invitations!

In the video above CBS news interviews James and Alexa about their 10 million dollar idea and delve into  how they both contribute to the success of the company.

Ironically enough, although the company was started as an alternative to paper invitations they have received so many requests for them that they are adding that to their business model!

This 10 million dollar idea was started by one guy looking for an alternative to paper invitations.  Is there something you can create that could be an online alternative to a successful offline business?  One simple idea made this Harvard kid and his sister rich.  What is stopping you from having the next 10 million dollar idea?

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  1. Zachary Wilcox jr. says:

    Knowing how to partner in business so that I will be able to teach the technique to others in do time..

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