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The Bonafide Hustler
Have you ever wanted to make money buying and selling items on your own?  Well, here are some great tips on how you can do it from the Bonafide Hustler.  The Bonafide Hustler is a young man named Chris from Austin, Texas.  Chris makes a nice side income hitting up local yard sales and swap meets, finding items at a bargain price and then reselling them for a profit. In the two videos featured [...]
Flea Market Treasure
A $7 box lot at a flea market recently coughed up a flea market treasure in the form a Renoir painting!   The Renoir painting picked up by the anonymous buyer from the Shenandoah Valley is valued at $75,000 to $100,000. Now this flea market treasure is not the norm but is not unheard of either.  I'm sure you've seen the many stories of other fantastic flea market treasure finds or even extraordinary [...]
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