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Teen Bella Weems Creates Multi-Million Dollar Company
When she was 14, teen Bella Weems wanted her parents to buy her a new car for her 16th birthday.  Her parents told the Chandler, Arizona, teen that she needed to pay for it herself.  So, what did she do?  She started her own company called Origami Owl.  Her product was quite brilliant.  She combined charms with a locket and called it a living locket.  Today at 17 her company is worth $250 million! Essentially [...]
How to Make Money at 14
Want to know  how to make money at 14?  Why not ask this brilliant young entrepreneur who not only knew how to make money at 14 but was actually a self-made millionaire at that age!  Today we have a video that highlights Farrah Gray. Gray was raised in a single parent family in the projects on the southside of Chicago.  A self-made millionaire at 14 years of age, he was awarded an honorary doctorate [...]
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