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A $27 Bitcoin Investment Turns into a Million in Just 4 Years!
So, how does one turn an investment of just $27 into a million in just about 4 years?  Be in the right place at the right time and take a chance on something that has potential.  In this case, that something was Bitcoin, a new type of digital currency. Kristoffer Koch from Norway made an initial investment in Bitcoin in 2009.  He promptly forgot about it and when he went back to check it's value [...]
Homeless to Millionaire Video
This Homeless to Millionaire video features Catherine M. Ann, the founder and CEO of Consumer Connection, a multi-million dollar company. Now, this Homeless to Millionaire video gives you one important clue on how Ann became a millionaire.  Did you see what it was?  Yes, she followed the same path that those who have been able to jump out of the rat race have followed and that is to start their [...]
Is This the Easiest Way to Make a Million?
Is this the easiest way to make a million?   Lyndell Scott Russell, the 101 year old lady featured in this video did one thing one time.  Years later she was a millionaire.  Now,  it didn't happen overnight, but that might be the easiest way to make a million dollars! So what did Texas native Lyndell Russell do that just might qualify as the easiest way to make a million?   Well, in 1950 she [...]
How to Make Money at 14
Want to know  how to make money at 14?  Why not ask this brilliant young entrepreneur who not only knew how to make money at 14 but was actually a self-made millionaire at that age!  Today we have a video that highlights Farrah Gray. Gray was raised in a single parent family in the projects on the southside of Chicago.  A self-made millionaire at 14 years of age, he was awarded an honorary doctorate [...]
How to Attract Money Now from a Millionaire Law of Attraction Master
Joe Vitale is a millionaire law of attraction master who reveals secrets of how you can attract money now in the 2 part video series below. Vitale, known as Mr. Fire, is the best-selling author of a number of books including The Attractor Factor and Spiritual Marketing.   He is also one of the stars of the law of attraction movie The Secret. In addition Joe Vitale  is also the co-author [...]
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