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The 10 Million Dollar Idea
We recently featured a post with the Caplan sisters and their Million Dollar Idea.  Well, now comes James Hirschfeld and his sister Alexa and their 10 Million Dollar Idea! In 2009 James, only 21, came up with the idea of starting a company in which the user could create and send their formal invitations online.  He brought in his sister Alexa and they started Paperless Post which has now done [...]
Caplan Sisters Come Up with Million Dollar Idea
The Caplan sisters, Sarah and Jennifer came up with a million dollar idea and turned that idea into a company doing millions of dollars of business every year! The million dollar idea was originally created by Sarah Caplan when she was a freshman in college.  When she would attend parties she found that her high heels hurt her feet and then when she wanted to take them off she needed to carry a [...]
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