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TOMS Gives Back and Makes Money at the Same Time
TOMS is the brainchild of Blake Mycoskie.  After an enlightening trip to Argentina in which Mycoskie found that the children there were in dire need of shoes, he devised an idea for a shoe company that would give one pair of shoes away for every pair they sold.  The result is that Mycoskie now makes money and gives back at the same time.  And, how many shoes has his company provided for the less [...]
She Makes Extra Money Snuggling?
They say to follow your passion and the money will follow.  In this case Jackie Samuel, a real estate agent by day, has a passion for snuggling or cuddling.   Sitting around thinking how she could possibly make some extra cash doing this she came up with the idea to be a professional snuggler.   She opened up her own business called The Snuggery and now makes extra money snuggling!   Jackie charges [...]
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