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100 Jobs Girl Meets 100 Jobs in a Year Guy
It was destiny, fate, kismet.  Okay maybe it was just a meeting or interview between two different people on semi-similar career paths.  On the one hand you have Aimee Davison, the girl that had the goal to work a 100 different jobs for a minimum of $100 each interviewing Dave Herman, the guy who had the goal to work 100 different jobs in 1 year.   If you click that link you'll see a list of the [...]
When is a Job NOT Just Over Broke
Are You on the Right Track? When is a job not just over broke?   Hey, I know that sentence sounds a bit clunky and if you haven't heard the term "just over broke" as an acronym for JOB then it sounds real clunky, but bear with me for a second. Many people consider working at home or having their own business as being the end all and be all in the realm of career or money-making.  For others [...]
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