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How Would You Make a Million?
How would you make a million dollars?  CNN interviewed ordinary folks on the street to get their take on that question.  Before watching what do you think the most common reply would be? The answers all seemed pretty solid and some pretty funny. Answers to the million dollar question on how to make a million dollars included: "Start saving from the age of 8." "Get a higher paying job." "Come [...]
Homeless to Millionaire Video
This Homeless to Millionaire video features Catherine M. Ann, the founder and CEO of Consumer Connection, a multi-million dollar company. Now, this Homeless to Millionaire video gives you one important clue on how Ann became a millionaire.  Did you see what it was?  Yes, she followed the same path that those who have been able to jump out of the rat race have followed and that is to start their [...]
Is This the Easiest Way to Make a Million?
Is this the easiest way to make a million?   Lyndell Scott Russell, the 101 year old lady featured in this video did one thing one time.  Years later she was a millionaire.  Now,  it didn't happen overnight, but that might be the easiest way to make a million dollars! So what did Texas native Lyndell Russell do that just might qualify as the easiest way to make a million?   Well, in 1950 she [...]
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