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startafundraiserNo, this is not one of those illegal “gifting” programs, this is a fundraising site that allows you to raise funds for yourself.  I’m sure there are other sites out there but I came across this one while I was putting together some posts for the wealthvibes site.  In two different instances someone had started a fundraiser for someone who had done a good deed.   In both cases that I initially looked at the person that started the fundraiser raised over $100,000 for the person they set up the donation fund for!   You can check out those two posts here:

Homeless Man Rewarded

Reward for Good Deed

Now with this fundraising site, GoFundMe, you can start a fundraising campaign for yourself or someone else for almost any reason.  They have a variety of categories including:

Animals and Pets

Accidents and Emergencies


Dreams Hopes and Wishes

Education and Learning

Sports Teams


Medical Illness

Weddings and Honeymoons

and more…

So, as you see at Gofundme you can literally start a fundraiser for almost anything.  And, the amount folks are raising is incredible.  Folks have raised from hundreds to thousands to  help themselves or a loved one for a variety of reasons.  How are they raising the money?   Gofundme sets up a webpage for you and the primary way to drive family and friends or whoever to the site is via Facebook.  So if you have some Facebook friends and can let them know of a need you want fulfilled who knows – they might be willing to help you raise money for any of a variety of reasons.   And, should you decide to set up a gofundme page feel free to come back here and leave a comment and who knows some of our readers might think you have a worthy cause and may want to donate themselves?

This avenue of raising money is sometimes known as Crowdfunding because you get the “crowd” usually via social networks to help you fund your ideas.  Another similar site, this one dedicated to helping business launch is called Kickstarter.  Below, Matthew Lesko interviews David Malki, who invented a boardgame called Game of Death.  In the video below David reveals how he initially hoped to raise $23,000 from the site but that the amount ballooned to over $550,000!  (To be forewarned, Matthew drops the F bomb in this video.)


start a fundraiser Videos

CBS News New York

Gofundme testimonial

Another Crowdfunding Success Story

Another crowdfunding success story using gofundme

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