She Makes Extra Money Snuggling?

makes extra moneyThey say to follow your passion and the money will follow.  In this case Jackie Samuel, a real estate agent by day, has a passion for snuggling or cuddling.   Sitting around thinking how she could possibly make some extra cash doing this she came up with the idea to be a professional snuggler.   She opened up her own business called The Snuggery and now makes extra money snuggling!   Jackie charges $60 an hour to snuggle.  As she states there is nothing more than that going on!

While this idea may seem a little extreme and something that might require some extensive background checks on potential clients, it does seem to fill a need that many have for extended human touch without going the intimacy route.  It reminds me of the “free hugs” campaign taken and transformed into a business.

Jackie, 29-years old, stated she would like to especially help those who don’t have someone in their life and could use some extended human touch.  For those who don’t have access to the Snuggery but are interested in a Cyber Hug just click here to visit our Free Cyber Hugs page where you can get a free cyber hug and watch the moving Free Hugs video.

Keeping the story of how Jackie makes extra money in mind, is there something that you could do that is out of the norm that could generate some extra bucks?  It could be a service, or a product you create, etc…

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