Secrets of a Best-Selling Writer

secrets of a best-selling writerToday we feature the secrets of a best-selling writer.  Who is that writer?  Famous mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark shares her secrets of a best-selling writer.

As Mary Higgins Clark relates the only talent she had from the crib was to be a storyteller.   She wrote her first book at the age of 6.   The first book she had published by Simon and Schuster brought her $100,000.  When her second book earned her a million she knew she had arrived as an author.   Clark now has 42 best sellers.

Clark asks if there is a secret to writing a best-seller.  What is her answer?  She says that no, the reader decides what is a best seller!  She does note that you must invite the reader in, beguile them and make them want to turn the page.  According to Clark, unless you can do that you are not writer.  And, if you can’t do that odds are you aren’t going to be making a million dollars per book.  These are the brief secrets of a best-selling writer!

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