Secrets from a Guy Who Cracked the Lottery

lotterysecretsAre there really any secrets to winning the lottery besides just blind luck?  Actually there are.   In fact, there is a guy who has cracked the lottery and has shared his secrets.   But, wait, this might not be the story you think it is.

This is a tale of two men and their “lottery secrets.”    The first one has won the lottery 7 times and comes bearing some  lottery secrets on how he plays to win.  The second guy has not to my knowledge ever one a big prize in any lotto or scratcher game.

The first guy has won some form or another of the lottery 7 different times.  If anyone qualifies as an expert he would be the guy.   Who is this guy and does he really offer any real secrets that can substantially increase your chances of winning?

The 7-time lottery winner is Richard Lustig.  Lustig, the author of a new book on how to increase your chances of winning the lottery comes off as an earnest well-meaning guy who does offer some tips on how to substantially increase your odds of actually winning something.  However, having said that I think his lottery “secrets” are pretty much common sense.   I also think that unless you’re spending a good amount on scratcher tickets you’r likelihood of winning anything is remote at best.

Lustig’s tips include playing the smaller scratcher tickets and buying a bunch of the same ones instead of spreading the money around.  He also notes that you should play the same numbers every week if you are playing the bigger lottos – and never just play quick picks.  While that is all well and good the odds of you ever winning are still way too loooooooong.  Lustig also makes it clear that if you play any of the lottos it should not be with any grocery money.

Although Lustig has made the talk show circuit and been interviewed on tv many times, the reviews for his book on Amazon are not the best to put it mildly.  It’s not that his tips or lottery secrets can’t help you increase your odds it’s just that it’s all pretty basic stuff and common sense.  Add to that the fact that his book is on the spendy side and you might want to avoid it.   Watch the video here on this post to hear just what his tips are.

In the end I think Richard Lustig comes off as a sharp, well-meaning guy who just happens to be really, really lucky.  Which brings us to that other guy I was talking about.  The guy who never actually won any big prizes that I”m aware of.  A guy who apparently did crack the lottery code.

That guy was Mohan Srivastava, a statistician with degrees from MIT and Stanford, living in Toronto.  In 2003 he played a couple of scratch tickets, in this case a Tic-Tac-Toe game.   It set him to wonder how they designed the game to appear random while knowing that the game itself couldn’t be so that they could control the costs.  Anyway, in this case, after careful examination of the tickets and some trial and error, he discovered a flaw in the game.   He could look at the outside of the scratcher ticket and determine, with a 90% probability if that ticket would be a winner!

He determined that he could make about $600 a day if he turned the scratcher flaw into a full time business.  Because he was already making more than that as a consultant doing a job that he loved, Srivastava contacted the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission and told them what he had found.  After being basically laughed away, he sent them 20 unused scratcher tickets with a note explaining which were the winners and losers.  He correctly predicted 19 out of those 20.  That got him a return call!

Anyway, if you want to read the full story as reported by Wired magazine you can read it here:   The Guy Who Cracked the Scratch Lottery Code.  It goes into depth and is quite interesting.  Even more interesting is the fact that although they pulled the Tic-Tac-Toe game, Srivastava determined that other scratcher games were also flawed.  Maybe you should read the article and see if any of his lottery secrets apply to scratch tickets in your local area.   That’s probably your best bet.  But a bet it is.

The only real value I see of playing the lottery, with a system or without, is the hope it provides that you might actually be able to change your financial future for the better.   In the end, however, for most people, that hope is a false hope.  If you want to give yourself a real chance, why not take that money and invest it.  That provides hope and a more realistic chance of actually getting to where you want to be financially.   Maybe your best plan might be to “invest” a buck or two every now and then in the lotto, while maintaining a sound investment plan, thereby giving you the best of both worlds!

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