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money makersWelcome to the site designed to help you make some extra money.  We’ll feature a variety of money makers that you can use to generate some extra cash or income.  Some of the money making ideas you’ll come across are free or nearly so.  Others are complete programs that you can put into place now to start bringing in the cash now.

Some of the programs can give you an extra income boost literally overnight. Others will take time and may be slow going at first, as well as require a bit of a learning curve. Keep in mind, though that many of the wealth building or cash cranking programs we feature are the steps others have taken to get rich.  A number of them have become millionaires.

We’ll give you a variety of methods to earn some extra income, both online and off.  Many want to know how to make money online with their own business as well as with youtube, facebook, craigslist, twitter, ebay and google.  We’ll have programs that cover that.

The internet is expanding at a fantastic rate and the opportunities for you to take a slice of the pie are limitless.  So many different ways to profit and earn a little extra cash or a lot.  There are also a lot of ways to make more money offline as well and we’ll also present you with opportunities there as we come across them.

Many of the money makers we promote provide information guaranteed to expand your mind and creative money making abilities.  Take action on what you learn, start raking it in, and hopefully you’ll be the next super success story.  At the very least you’ll be putting more cash in your pocket today!

Betsy Kaufman’s Million Dollar Food Invention
Watch the video to see how Betsy Kaufman came up with her million dollar food invention idea called Eggies.  Essentially, Eggies is a way to hard boil [...]
2 Million Dollar Treasure Hunt is On!
The treasure hunt is on for 2 million dollars of buried treasure.  Forrest Fenn, a multi-millionaire art collector was diagnosed with cancer and decided [...]
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  That couldn't be more true than in the case of 21 year old Courtney Jeffries.   Courtney was in [...]
Is This the Best Job in the World
A few years back a company advertised a contest for what they called the best job in the world.  You had to send in your reason why you deserved the job. [...]
Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Sara Blakely Created This Product
Youngest self-made billionaire Sara Blakely got there by created the very popular product known as Spanx.  Spanx is a company that creates footless pantyhose [...]
Lynn Tilton Tips on How to Make a Billion Dollars
Lynn Tilton is a self-made billionaire who was born in the Bronx, New York, grew up in New Jersey and went to Yale.  She received an MBA in finance from [...]
The Billionaire Secrets of John Paul Dejoria
John Paul Dejoria went from homeless to billionaire.  These are the billionaire secrets of John Paul Dejoria who is worth over 4 billion dollars.  Not [...]
Deanna Jump Makes a Million with Teachers Pay Teachers
Deanna Jump is one teacher making a lot of money - and it isn't by teaching!  She went on the site Teachers Pay Teachers and so far has made over a million [...]
For All Those Living on Ramen
This is for all of you living on ramen, as in Top Ramen.  As you may or may not know, those who wish to save money often eat Top Ramen, the budget [...]
The 10 Million Dollar Idea
We recently featured a post with the Caplan sisters and their Million Dollar Idea.  Well, now comes James Hirschfeld and his sister Alexa and their 10 [...]
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