New Innovation Nets Flight Attendant Millions

new innovationSandy Stein of West Hills, CA, came up with a new innovation for easily getting to her keys in her purse.   Stein had been a flight attendant for over 30 years when she opted for something new.   Stein’s husband had lost several jobs and she was only working part time.

In a dream Sandy’s late father came to her with this new innovation or invention.  In the dream he told her about creating a device that was just a hook with a charm that would keep one’s keys suspended inside their purse or handbag.

After creating a prototype for her “Finders Key Purse” she had her flight attendant friends help her promote this winning idea.  To date she has made over $4 million dollars with this new innovation that hardly anyone thought would sell.

What can be learned from the invention story of Sandy Stein?   I think we can take several lessons from this story of her new innovation.

1.  Pay attention to your dreams.  In Sandy’s case she had asked for guidance from her recently deceased father and he apparently came to her in a dream.

2.  Ask for guidance – from this world or the next!  Sandy wasn’t afraid to seek help from others – in this world or beyond when her situation became dire.

3.  Don’t listen to the naysayers.  Don’t give up on your project until it is evident that it just won’t work.

4. Enlist your network of friends to help you promote your invention or new innovation when you are getting started.   Today, you can’t count on some other company watching out for your best interest.   Seek the aid of your family, friends and those you trust to help you.

The dictionary defines innovation as something new, or a new idea, method or device.   Is there some new innovation or simple invention that you can come up with that might make you millions?  Have you done any research on this new innovation or idea?  Have you asked anyone for help?   Have you asked the universe for help?

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