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T. Harv Eker millionaire mind videoThis Millionaire Mind video features T. Harv Eker who took just 2 and half years to become a millionaire.   In this video Eker talks about the millionaire mindset.   This is from his millionaire mindset intensive.

In the millionaire mind video above Eker discusses your money blueprint and how you deal with money, especially in regards to your mind.  He expands on this in part 2 below.


Several years ago I read Eker’s book Speedwealth.  It was all about how he made over a million dollars with his own business in less than 3 years.  It was a great look at how someone can create great wealth quickly.  Of course, one of the keys, was Eker opening his own business.   He was dependent on a flatline income.   He could grow his business, expand and eventually sell it.

With a big vision, smart thinking and the ability to go after what you want, Eker shows how you too can create big money quickly.

Below you’ll find videos 3-5 in the series.   I wasn’t going to include them, but decided as long as I did that I might as well give you the final vid in the millionaire mind video series so you can get that feeling of completion.  With that in mind you’ll find video number 6 right here.   (I know it is out of order but at least they are all here lol!)


millionaire mind video Videos

Millionaire Mind Intensive part 3

Millionaire Mind Intensive part 3 featuring T. Harv Eker.

Millionaire Mind Intensive part 4

Millionaire Mind Intensive part 4 featuring T. Harv Eker

Millionaire Mind Intensive part 5

Millionaire Mind Intensive part 5 featuring T. Harv Eker

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