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make today your dayWant to make today your day?  Want to make every day your day?  Check out  this energetic video from Stefan Pylarinos where he sets out in detail the daily rituals he uses to make every day the best it can be.

WARNING:   You may feel like you’re in a war zone here as Stefan in his youthful enthusiasm has a tendency to drop the “f-bomb” on occasion.  What does this mean?  He sometimes swears more than a sailor lol!   So, if you can’t handle excessive foul language please don’t watch this video.  Now, having said that, I thought the information in this one was so valuable that it was worth putting up even with the occasional bad word.  

Do you have a daily ritual you use to start your day the best way you that you can?  If not, you are definitely missing out.  Watch this video as it is a great kick in the pants to get you to begin your day in such a way that you can make today your day.   As Stefan points out in this video once you implement daily rituals you’ll set yourself up with unstoppable momentum to carry you through the day to make today your day and every day after that as well.

Here is a quick outline of what Stefan does every day as his morning ritual.  Watch the video and see how he fleshes it out.

1.  Smile, Stretch, Take Deep Breaths, Drink Water

2. Move Your Body:  Movement, Rebounder

3. Incantations, Affirmations, Condition Beliefs

4. Engage Your Emotions:  Ask yourself empowering questions

5. What is Your Driving Force, Vision, Purpose

6. Feed Your Mind:  Read a minimum of 10 pages

7. Plan/Schedule Your Day in Detail

8.  Accountability Call:  Tell this person what you plan to do today and review to make sure that you did what you said you would do the previous day!

9. Hit the gym, workout


Now, when you go to create your own daily rituals to make today your day feel free to include any or all of the above.  Tailor it to your own personal needs and desires and what will make you fulfilled.  See how much more you can get done and how much better you feel when you start to do a daily ritual that empowers you instead of one that brings you down or subjects you to a lot of negativity.   For instance, many folks start their day by watching the morning news and drinking lots of coffee.  As you know, the news stations will fill your brain with a ton of negative stuff.  And java, while waking you up may leave you feeling edgy and jittery after awhile.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, I created a Free Your Mind video at our mind power site to help you implant the idea that today is your day.

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