Lynn Tilton Tips on How to Make a Billion Dollars

LynnTiltonLynn Tilton is a self-made billionaire who was born in the Bronx, New York, grew up in New Jersey and went to Yale.  She received an MBA in finance from Columbia.  At only 23 she was working 15 hours a day on Wall Street.   Now, she is the CEO of Patriarch Partners, LLC, a private equity firm which manages her 75 companies that do about $8 Billion in business!  If you ever wondered how to make a billion dollars take a cue from Tilton.

After 19 years in the male-heavy financial industry, Tilton sued Merrill Lynch for sexual harassment and won.  At that point she had saved enough to retire but she didn’t.  She had a dream in which her deceased father came to her and told her that they had been raised to give back to the world.  Her calling was to save jobs in America.

In the video interview with Barbara Walters we learn that Tilton now snaps up failing companies and turns them around.   She has turned around companies like Rand McNally, Spiegal Catalog, and Stila Cosmetics among others.  But it is not just the turnarounds that have made Tilton popular – it is that mission to save American jobs.

Walters notes that Tilton, now 52, is a combination of Lady Gaga and Warren Buffet!  Hope you enjoyed this post on Lynn Tilton, a woman who knows how to make a billion dollars.  And, even better how to save jobs while doing it!

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