Is This the Best Job in the World

bestjobintheworldA few years back a company advertised a contest for what they called the best job in the world.  You had to send in your reason why you deserved the job.  The promotion got a lot of attention and for good reason – many people who have a job are less than pleased with it!  The promotional campaign happened to be for a position as caretaker of a beautiful island, Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia.  Now, I don’t know what your job is but do you absolutely love it?

Watch the video above for the promotion of the job and then the video below shows the person who won the job, a young man named Ben Howland.  In the video, Ben and his girlfriend Bre are filmed arriving at the island.  After watching what w0uld you consider your ideal job?  Please let us know in the comments section below the videos.  Also look at the promotion itself.  It focused on something that many folks want – the best job in the world.  Is there something you can promote or make money from that a lot of folks want?  Think about it.

What is your ideal job or the job you consider the best  job in the world?  Are you currently working at it?

Of course, every job like every person is different.  What some may consider ideal others may not.  But, you have to admit the job of Island Caretaker doesn’t sound half bad!   Some jobs that I would consider ideal include the ones below in no particular order:

1. Working in an art gallery in some capacity.  Anytime you surround yourself with things of beauty in your job it can’t help but make it better.   Can you think of jobs where you are surrounded by things of beauty?

2. Work as a forest ranger or in a wildlife park.  Here you are surrounded by nature’s beauty.

3. Work in a place where most of the customers are happy.  For instance, work in a theme part like Disneyland.   The job itself may be good or bad but you are in magical theme park filled with folks on vacation.  That has to count for something!

4. Working doing something you love.  If you love it, it really isn’t work.

Let us know what you consider to be the best job in the world below.

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