How Would You Make a Million?

makeamillion1How would you make a million dollars?  CNN interviewed ordinary folks on the street to get their take on that question.  Before watching what do you think the most common reply would be?

The answers all seemed pretty solid and some pretty funny.

Answers to the million dollar question on how to make a million dollars included:

“Start saving from the age of 8.”

“Get a higher paying job.”

“Come up with an ingenious idea and get investors to back you.”

“Create something that people want at a good price.”

“Create something that is missing from the market.”

“Buy a poker book.”

“Do you have a time machine?”

and of course, “Buy a lottery ticket.”

If you’ve made a million dollars please share with us how you did it.  If not, what do you think would be the easiest and fastest way to make a million?

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