How to Make Money with Estate Sales

We recently featured a post on how to make money with storage auctions.  Because of the popularity of the recent show Storage Wars this money making method has received a lot of publicity as of late.   While it is definitely one way to add another stream of income the very fact that it has become so popular has increased the competition.  The same can’t be said for those looking how to make money with estate sales.   Estate sale auctions are one of the ways that the Redneck Picker makes money buying and selling.  Watch his entertaining video above!

Find Local Estate Sales

make money with estate salesTo make money with estate sales you first have to attend them!   To find estate sale auctions in your local area visit this site:  Find Estate Auction in Your Local Area.

As the Redneck Picker notes above estate sales auctions usually work a bit differently than storage unit auctions.  Usually you have more time to inspect the goods (compared to the storage unit inspections in which you normally have about 5 minutes to inspect and can’t even enter the storage unit!).   Also, you can talk to the person holding the sale to get a feel for certain things.

As with making money with storage units, to make money with estate sales you need to start attending some just to get a feel for what they are like and to the process.   The more comfortable you get being there, and the more research you have done on the items you find that you like, the more accurate your bid will be and the more money you can eventually make!

make money with estate sales Videos

Redneck Picker finds Hauls

The Redneck Picker goes through his recent finds form swap meets.

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