How to Make Money at 14

how to make money at 14Want to know  how to make money at 14?  Why not ask this brilliant young entrepreneur who not only knew how to make money at 14 but was actually a self-made millionaire at that age!  Today we have a video that highlights Farrah Gray.

Gray was raised in a single parent family in the projects on the southside of Chicago.  A self-made millionaire at 14 years of age, he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree at 21 by Allen University for his economic mind and dedication to leadership, integrity and scholarship.

He is the author of Reallionaire, Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out.

Now, what is one of the secrets on how to make money at 14?  Start early… No, I’m not trying to be funny here.  Farrah Gray actually started his entrepreneurial endeavors at the age of 6!  At that tender age he was selling his own hand-made lotion and going door to door selling hand-painted rock bookends.  At the age of 8 he was the cofounder of an organization dedicated to helping at risk kids.   The biography of Farrah Gray’s youth is beyond impressive.

What was Farrah Gray’s answer to the question of how to make money at 14?  He actually started a food company, “Farr-out Foods,” that was aimed at young people.  His first product was a strawberry-vanilla flavored syrup.  At the age of 14 his company did over one and a half million dollars.

One of the keys that Farrah talks about in this video is to never fear rejection.  He stated that “everything you want is on the other side of fear.”   Gray notes that it is amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t know what you can’t do!  Think about that for awhile.

Another secret Gray gives is to “seize every opportunity.”   (At the age of 7, Gray was passing out biz cards that read “21st century CEO.”)

What does Gray cite as one thing that is the enemy of achievement?   Comfort.  He notes that you must take on those things you are uncomfortable about.  Again, getting back to the notion of pushing past your fears.

Farrah Gray’s story is a truly inspirational.  Not only did he know how to make money at 14, but he has dedicated his life to helping others become reallionaires, what he defines as being rich from the inside out.

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