How to Keep Resolutions

how to keep resolutionsSo if you are like many folks when the New Year rolls around you make some New Year’s resolutions.   And, if you are like the majority, you soon lose track of them.  The video above from millionaire Gary Coxe shows you how to keep resolutions through the New Year and beyond.

As Gary explains in this video, filmed at the Sandals resort in the caribbean, New Years is a great time to start resolutions because it is just that a New Year, or new beginning.  As a result the feelings you get around the New Year (many externally generated from those around you) give you the natural ability to take action.  As he also explains, you want to be able to harness those fresh feelings of being highly motivated and having the natural ability to take action and learn how to use them to carry you throughout the New Year or any time of the year.

Of course, you can make resolutions any time not just for the New Year.  And, you can learn how to keep resolutions that you make any time in the same way that Gary shows you in the video.

Also, if you haven’t seen Gary’s Millionaire Secrets Revealed video you should.  Solid tips from someone who has overcome a lot of adversity to become mega rich.

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