How to Get More Done

get more doneDerek Franklin has created software called the Action Machine to help you get more done in life.  This is not your ordinary time management system.  It is software that encourages you to take action on a task and finish it.  Not only that but the more tasks you complete the more you’ll want to complete.   This in turn will help you to get more done in every area of your life.

Derek explains that the Action Machine causes you to get more done using a system that he came across called “time boxing.”  Time boxing is a simple 3 system that involves taking the following 3 steps to help you get more done.

1. Identify the task you want to complete.

2. Set an amount of time that you believe you can complete the task in.

3. When you start the task do nothing else until the task is complete.

When he started to implement the system he was amazed at what he was able to accomplish.  In fact, in the video above he shows how he used these principles in a 5 day case study.  He showcased the amount of massive action he was able to complete in just the 5 days!  In fact, he used the system to create the software!

Anyway, you can obviously try this system for yourself right now.  And, if you want to automate and chart your progress be sure to check out Derek’s Action Machine software today and see if you can get more done.

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