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get paid to run errandsRunning errands is usually the busy work we keep putting off until our personal tasks absolutely have to be done.   But, what if you could turn running errands into an opportunity to make money?    That opportunity has arrived!   There are now some services like Task Rabbit that allow you to get paid to run errands for others.

Task Rabbit, formerly Run My Errands, was launched in the Boston area in 2008 by a 28 year old gal snowed in and wanting someone else to get some dog food for her dog.  When she searched and discovered the service didn’t exist she decided to form her own.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Task Rabbit allows those looking to have tasks performed to post the jobs and then have runners bid on them.   The service currently runs in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, and most recently New York City.   So, if you live in one of those cities you can now get paid to run errands!   Some have even turned the jobs of running errands into a full time job.

What kind of tasks are requested?   All sorts of things, from picking up groceries to putting together furniture.  There are now tens of thousnads of users at Task Rabbit.

If you don’t live in one of the cities that Task Rabbit services there are other similar services cropping up that you can access via your smart phone.    Below is a list of some of the services now available:

Task Rabbit –  Get paid to run errands.

Fancy Hands – Personal Assistants for Everyone!

Zaarly – Buy and Sell Anything with People Nearby

Ask Sunday – The World’s leading virtual assistant

Agent Anything – Any Errand, Anytime, Anywhere

If none of the above services work for you, you could always post an ad in craigslist letting others know that you are available to run errands, or do whatever it is that you have a talent for.  For instance, if you are a handyman you can offer your services in that area, if you have a truck you could offer to help others move items, etc..

In summary there are lots of ways to get paid to run errands.   If you’ve got the time you’ll soon have the money!

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Get paid to run errands with Task Rabbit. A Social network for those looking to get services done on the cheap.

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  1. gino says:

    if you have any leads for errands jobs/accounts in dana point, laguna hills, laguna beach, laguna nigel, mission viejo, newport beach..etc please let me know i will give youy a % of the total rev.thank you

  2. Shilpi Roy says:

    Virtual Assistants indeed are very helpful and they do make life easier. I too am a Virtual Assistant looking forward to provide our service.

  3. Ethan says:

    Hey, great idea. Here is a list of time saving tips to help you with those errand jobs!

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