Flea Market Treasure

flea market treasureA $7 box lot at a flea market recently coughed up a flea market treasure in the form a Renoir painting!   The Renoir painting picked up by the anonymous buyer from the Shenandoah Valley is valued at $75,000 to $100,000.

Now this flea market treasure is not the norm but is not unheard of either.  I’m sure you’ve seen the many stories of other fantastic flea market treasure finds or even extraordinary finds at yard sales, estate sales and the like.  How do you get in on the action?  Take action.   That’s right to get in on the action you have to take action in the form of actually going out to an estate sale, checking out yard sales to see what is available, visit storage auctions, etc.  While the search may not turn up anything of extreme value you’ll be putting yourself out there, learning about what is valuable and maybe one day you too will have the find of a lifetime!

UPDATE:   After I posted this article and video it came to light that the painting involved may have been stolen!  

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