Ever Asked, How Can I Get Rich? Listen to this Guy

how can I get richIf you’ve ever asked yourself, How can I get rich? you are not alone.  Millions have asked the same question and have looked far and wide for answers.  Some have better answers than others when it comes to answering the “how can I get rich?” question.   One of those is the legendary author of Think and Grow Rich, Mr. Napoleon Hill.   After looking at his answers for the how can I get rich question you just may discover that you are richer than you think!

Napoleon Hill gives a list of the 12 things that he believes constitutes enduring riches.

1.  A positive mental attitude.

2. Sound physical health.

3. Harmony in human relations.

4. Freedom from fear.

5. The hope of future achievement.

6. The capacity for applied faith.

7. Willingness to share one’s blessings with others.

8. To be engaged in a labor of love.

9. An open mind on all subjects toward all people.

10. Complete self discipline.

11. Wisdom with which to understand people.

12. Financial Security.

Hill notes that it is no accident that money comes at the end of the list, while a positive mental attitude is first!

So, if you’ve ever asked, the how can I get rich question, first take a look at these markers of true wealth and you just might find that you are richer than you think!

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