Couple Avoids Foreclosure by Becoming Romance Writers

romancewritersJasinda Wilder (a pen name) and her husband Jack and their five kids were in dire financial straights and on the verge of having their house foreclosed when they struck on a desperate strategy to climb out of debt.   That strategy was to become romance writers – and it worked in red hot fashion!

With income cut at one job and the other job lost so that Jack could stay home and care for one of the kids, the Wilders decided to employ a strategy of focusing on, writing, and getting their steamy romances published.  They decided to head down to the basement of their Detroit home and just write.  And that they did.   As Jasinda joked, we just showered a couple of times in six months.  But in that six months they pumped out about 20 self-published romance titles.   Talk about prolific.

One of the things I think that made it easier for them was the ability to self-publish on formats like Amazon’s Kindle.  You can literally get the work done, set up your account and publish it.  With the many tablets and ereaders like the Kindle and the Nook, you can get it out to the masses.  You do have to have a good product though and the fact that the Wilders had multiple titles definitely helped.  If someone likes one they are more apt to buy your others as well.  This can help your books or ebooks get noticed and start going viral when friends recommend them to other friends.

So, do you have a good idea in you?  As more and more folks invest in tablets and ereaders you don’t even have to publish a physical book if you don’t want to (though you may get offers once your ebook (s) become popular).   And, should one or more of your books make Amazon’s best seller list or land on the New York Times list you could very well make a ton of money in the process!

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