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Teen Invention Helps Pets and Owners Connect
One teen's invention helps pets and their owners connect when the owner is away from the home.  It also gives the pet a treat! This teen invention is geared to dogs and is essentially a video chat for the pets that also dispenses a treat for the dog when the owner calls the dog over via the video chat. The 13-year-old inventor Brooke Martin originally came up with the idea as part of an 8th [...]
Make Today Your Day
Want to make today your day?  Want to make every day your day?  Check out  this energetic video from Stefan Pylarinos where he sets out in detail the daily rituals he uses to make every day the best it can be. WARNING:   You may feel like you're in a war zone here as Stefan in his youthful enthusiasm has a tendency to drop the "f-bomb" on occasion.  What does this mean?  He sometimes swears [...]
Marie Forleo Discusses Habits of the Rich
Marie Forleo is a great example of someone who knows how to brand themselves.  She has turned her magnetic personality and quirky spunkiness along with her savvy business acumen into a marketing tour de force.  If you ever want an example to follow of personal branding look no further. In this featured video watch Marie open up a can of Q and A Tuesday -  literally!   It's the little touches [...]
The Power of Taking a Positive Risk – Sean Stephenson Video
In this inspiring video with Sean Stephenson, he discusses among other things the power of taking a positive risk.  In this case he discusses what happened when he took a positive risk by creating what some would consider a kooky video and uploaded it to youtube. If you are not familiar with Sean Stephenson he is truly an inspiration.   He is a "little person" with the mind power of a giant!  In [...]
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