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The Billionaire Secrets of John Paul Dejoria
John Paul Dejoria went from homeless to billionaire.  These are the billionaire secrets of John Paul Dejoria who is worth over 4 billion dollars.  Not only is he a billionaire but he is a well known philanthropist as well.  As if all that wasn't enough he is married to Eloise a former Playboy model.  As he notes his billionaire status allows him to make decisions that can have pos How did he [...]
The 10 Million Dollar Idea
We recently featured a post with the Caplan sisters and their Million Dollar Idea.  Well, now comes James Hirschfeld and his sister Alexa and their 10 Million Dollar Idea! In 2009 James, only 21, came up with the idea of starting a company in which the user could create and send their formal invitations online.  He brought in his sister Alexa and they started Paperless Post which has now done [...]
How to Reinvent Your Career
Do you ever wish you could reinvent your career?  Wendy Krepak, from Orlando, Florida, did just that by getting out of the service industry and into real estate.  That jump lead her to invent the "card cubby" a portable card holder that helps her to do her job more efficiently.  As Wendy points out, though, it's not all fun and games. After being in the real estate business for many years (26 [...]
Caplan Sisters Come Up with Million Dollar Idea
The Caplan sisters, Sarah and Jennifer came up with a million dollar idea and turned that idea into a company doing millions of dollars of business every year! The million dollar idea was originally created by Sarah Caplan when she was a freshman in college.  When she would attend parties she found that her high heels hurt her feet and then when she wanted to take them off she needed to carry a [...]
From Zero to 2 Billion in 8 Years – the Tory Burch Story
See how one woman went from zero to 2 Billion in just 8 years.  This is the Tory Burch story. Who is Tory Burch?  The Tory Burch story starts with her growing up in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  She went to school at Penn and then moved to New York City to work in the fashion industry.   In New York she worked at Harper's Bazaar Magazine, Polo Ralph Lauren and for Vera Wang all famous fashion [...]
She Makes Extra Money Snuggling?
They say to follow your passion and the money will follow.  In this case Jackie Samuel, a real estate agent by day, has a passion for snuggling or cuddling.   Sitting around thinking how she could possibly make some extra cash doing this she came up with the idea to be a professional snuggler.   She opened up her own business called The Snuggery and now makes extra money snuggling!   Jackie charges [...]
How One Odd Idea Generated $9 Million
Watch the video above to see how one odd idea generated $9 million for charity. What was this one odd idea?  It was to bring together three disparate subjects "wine, women and shoes."  Brought to life by Elaine Honig of the Honig Winery in Napa Valley, it basically was started as a lark, but also a fun way to raise money for a women's charity. How did the one odd idea come about?  As Honig [...]
Secrets of a Best-Selling Writer
Today we feature the secrets of a best-selling writer.  Who is that writer?  Famous mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark shares her secrets of a best-selling writer. As Mary Higgins Clark relates the only talent she had from the crib was to be a storyteller.   She wrote her first book at the age of 6.   The first book she had published by Simon and Schuster brought her $100,000.  When her second [...]
How to Get More Done
Derek Franklin has created software called the Action Machine to help you get more done in life.  This is not your ordinary time management system.  It is software that encourages you to take action on a task and finish it.  Not only that but the more tasks you complete the more you'll want to complete.   This in turn will help you to get more done in every area of your life. Derek explains [...]
The Power of Taking a Positive Risk – Sean Stephenson Video
In this inspiring video with Sean Stephenson, he discusses among other things the power of taking a positive risk.  In this case he discusses what happened when he took a positive risk by creating what some would consider a kooky video and uploaded it to youtube. If you are not familiar with Sean Stephenson he is truly an inspiration.   He is a "little person" with the mind power of a giant!  In [...]
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