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How to Make Money at 14
Want to know  how to make money at 14?  Why not ask this brilliant young entrepreneur who not only knew how to make money at 14 but was actually a self-made millionaire at that age!  Today we have a video that highlights Farrah Gray. Gray was raised in a single parent family in the projects on the southside of Chicago.  A self-made millionaire at 14 years of age, he was awarded an honorary doctorate [...]
Tips to Make Money from Chris Farrell
In this video internet marketing superstar Chris Farrell gives you tips to make money online.  He is the former radio guy dj with the smooth voice and the great teaching ability who set up his own training program jam packed with his best secrets and tips to make money on the net. Bear with the beginning of the video as the camera angle is not the best lol.  You'll see what I mean! Anyway, [...]
Marie Forleo Discusses Habits of the Rich
Marie Forleo is a great example of someone who knows how to brand themselves.  She has turned her magnetic personality and quirky spunkiness along with her savvy business acumen into a marketing tour de force.  If you ever want an example to follow of personal branding look no further. In this featured video watch Marie open up a can of Q and A Tuesday -  literally!   It's the little touches [...]
Ever Asked, How Can I Get Rich?  Listen to this Guy
If you've ever asked yourself, How can I get rich? you are not alone.  Millions have asked the same question and have looked far and wide for answers.  Some have better answers than others when it comes to answering the "how can I get rich?" question.   One of those is the legendary author of Think and Grow Rich, Mr. Napoleon Hill.   After looking at his answers for the how can I get rich question [...]
11 Keys to Wealth
Today's post features 11 keys to wealth. I've taken these 11 keys to wealth from the ebook Timeless Wealth Wisdom, 77 Wealth Secrets to Make You Rich.  The full ebook is available for free if you choose to join the Buks VIP list.   You'll find a signup box on most every page on the site here at Buks.   When you join our VIP list you'll receive notice of any special offers we have on products [...]
The Power of Taking a Positive Risk – Sean Stephenson Video
In this inspiring video with Sean Stephenson, he discusses among other things the power of taking a positive risk.  In this case he discusses what happened when he took a positive risk by creating what some would consider a kooky video and uploaded it to youtube. If you are not familiar with Sean Stephenson he is truly an inspiration.   He is a "little person" with the mind power of a giant!  In [...]
The Donald on Getting Rich
Here is an enlightening video on getting rich from the Donald himself, Mr. Donald Trump.   The Donald is an interesting character, both loved and hated for his domineering approach to getting rich and life in general.  I've read several of the Donald's books, including the Art of the Deal, and they are actually quite good at revealing the perseverance of the legendary real estate mogul.  In fact, [...]
Can You Live Without Money?  They Do.
Can you live without money?  It is difficult to imagine, but some folks are banding together, going off the grid and doing just that.   As you'll see in the video above, learning how to live without money isn't always easy.   However, the sense of community is a nice replacement and if you are willing to learn how to rough it in a material sense you might find that the elimination of the pursuit [...]
How to Keep Resolutions
So if you are like many folks when the New Year rolls around you make some New Year's resolutions.   And, if you are like the majority, you soon lose track of them.  The video above from millionaire Gary Coxe shows you how to keep resolutions through the New Year and beyond. As Gary explains in this video, filmed at the Sandals resort in the caribbean, New Years is a great time to start resolutions [...]
Are You Preparing for the New Economy?
This video from the creators of the Infullflight System asks the question, "Are You Prepared for the New Economy?" The new economy is the system we are growing into now and basically it the shift from the manufacturing age to the information age.   If you aren't preparing for the new economy or utilizing the new economy then you are living in the old economy and for the most part it is a dying [...]
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