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TOMS Gives Back and Makes Money at the Same Time
TOMS is the brainchild of Blake Mycoskie.  After an enlightening trip to Argentina in which Mycoskie found that the children there were in dire need of shoes, he devised an idea for a shoe company that would give one pair of shoes away for every pair they sold.  The result is that Mycoskie now makes money and gives back at the same time.  And, how many shoes has his company provided for the less [...]
Making Money by Magic
Making money by magic is something that Wayne Hoffman has been doing for years.  Hoffman is a mentalist and illusionist and has the ability to make over $350,000 a year should he choose to.   He has travelled the world performing his magic act.// // // ]]>He is a great model for anyone wanting to follow their passion and make money doing it.  Is there something you love that you can do and [...]
Couple Avoids Foreclosure by Becoming Romance Writers
Jasinda Wilder (a pen name) and her husband Jack and their five kids were in dire financial straights and on the verge of having their house foreclosed when they struck on a desperate strategy to climb out of debt.   That strategy was to become romance writers - and it worked in red hot fashion! With income cut at one job and the other job lost so that Jack could stay home and care for one of the [...]
The Bonafide Hustler
Have you ever wanted to make money buying and selling items on your own?  Well, here are some great tips on how you can do it from the Bonafide Hustler.  The Bonafide Hustler is a young man named Chris from Austin, Texas.  Chris makes a nice side income hitting up local yard sales and swap meets, finding items at a bargain price and then reselling them for a profit. In the two videos featured [...]
Betsy Kaufman’s Million Dollar Food Invention
Watch the video to see how Betsy Kaufman came up with her million dollar food invention idea called Eggies.  Essentially, Eggies is a way to hard boil eggs without the shell.  Betsy was surprised to find that the product didn't already exist.  She contacted the folks from Edison Nation who help with inventions and her idea was selected for production! Her idea was also selected to be used for [...]
2 Million Dollar Treasure Hunt is On!
The treasure hunt is on for 2 million dollars of buried treasure.  Forrest Fenn, a multi-millionaire art collector was diagnosed with cancer and decided to create a treasure hunt for 2 million dollars worth of gold coins and assorted other treasure.   The buried treasure (okay, it might not be buried - here are 10 tips from Forrest that negate certain assumptions!) is located somewhere in the mountains [...]
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  That couldn't be more true than in the case of 21 year old Courtney Jeffries.   Courtney was in a movie theater bathroom in 2009 attempting to do her business while dealing with a dirty toilet seat when she came up with the idea for her Happy Cheeks product.  She was looking for a way to quickly clean the seat and came up with the idea for a small [...]
Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Sara Blakely Created This Product
Youngest self-made billionaire Sara Blakely got there by created the very popular product known as Spanx.  Spanx is a company that creates footless pantyhose and other body shaping undergarments for women. Self-made billionaire Blakely is the newest addition to the Forbes Richest People list.  As Blakely explains, she originally developed the product for herself as a slimming and shaping garment [...]
Lynn Tilton Tips on How to Make a Billion Dollars
Lynn Tilton is a self-made billionaire who was born in the Bronx, New York, grew up in New Jersey and went to Yale.  She received an MBA in finance from Columbia.  At only 23 she was working 15 hours a day on Wall Street.   Now, she is the CEO of Patriarch Partners, LLC, a private equity firm which manages her 75 companies that do about $8 Billion in business!  If you ever wondered how to make [...]
Deanna Jump Makes a Million with Teachers Pay Teachers
Deanna Jump is one teacher making a lot of money - and it isn't by teaching!  She went on the site Teachers Pay Teachers and so far has made over a million dollars selling her lesson plans.   In the video above CBS news interviews Deanna Jump, a kindergarten teacher, explains how she makes over $30K a year as a teacher.   However, after a fellow teacher told her about Teachers Pay Teachers she designed [...]
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