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Coolest Cooler Heats Up Kickstarter to the Tune of 13.3 Million
Sometimes you just need to tweak something that is already out there to make something ordinary extraordinary.  In this case a traditional cooler gets amped up to beome the Coolest Cooler, a cooler with all sorts of nifty gadgets to make tailgating or any party even more fun. Ryan Grepper, the creator of the Coolest Cooler, took it to funding site Kickstarter and got it funded for $13.3 million [...]
Teen Bella Weems Creates Multi-Million Dollar Company
When she was 14, teen Bella Weems wanted her parents to buy her a new car for her 16th birthday.  Her parents told the Chandler, Arizona, teen that she needed to pay for it herself.  So, what did she do?  She started her own company called Origami Owl.  Her product was quite brilliant.  She combined charms with a locket and called it a living locket.  Today at 17 her company is worth $250 million! Essentially [...]
Secrets from a Guy Who Cracked the Lottery
Are there really any secrets to winning the lottery besides just blind luck?  Actually there are.   In fact, there is a guy who has cracked the lottery and has shared his secrets.   But, wait, this might not be the story you think it is. This is a tale of two men and their "lottery secrets."    The first one has won the lottery 7 times and comes bearing some  lottery secrets on how he plays [...]
A $27 Bitcoin Investment Turns into a Million in Just 4 Years!
So, how does one turn an investment of just $27 into a million in just about 4 years?  Be in the right place at the right time and take a chance on something that has potential.  In this case, that something was Bitcoin, a new type of digital currency. Kristoffer Koch from Norway made an initial investment in Bitcoin in 2009.  He promptly forgot about it and when he went back to check it's value [...]
Nail Artist Makes How Much?
Mei Kawajiri is a nail artist.  She paints nails.  She is so talented that last year she made $300,000.   That is $300,000 to do something creative that she loves and that her clients love.  Is there something creative that you love that could generate you some extra income? Mei is only 30 years old and hails from Tokyo.  She is now living in NYC and is booked everyday of the week.  She has [...]
Start a Fundraiser – for Yourself!
No, this is not one of those illegal "gifting" programs, this is a fundraising site that allows you to raise funds for yourself.  I'm sure there are other sites out there but I came across this one while I was putting together some posts for the wealthvibes site.  In two different instances someone had started a fundraiser for someone who had done a good deed.   In both cases that I initially looked [...]
Doctor Quits His Job to Start Camera Rental Business
Watch the video of the doctor, Roger Cicala, who quit his job and started his own camera rental business called Lensrentals. How did it happen?   With a hobby as a photographer this doctor needed to rent a specific telephoto lens that happened to be very expensive.  When he couldn't find anybody in his local area to rent it from he was forced to spend a couple of thousand to buy it.  He then [...]
Teen Invention Helps Pets and Owners Connect
One teen's invention helps pets and their owners connect when the owner is away from the home.  It also gives the pet a treat! This teen invention is geared to dogs and is essentially a video chat for the pets that also dispenses a treat for the dog when the owner calls the dog over via the video chat. The 13-year-old inventor Brooke Martin originally came up with the idea as part of an 8th [...]
Flipping Cronuts for Profit
Cronuts are the latest pastry craze.  Cronuts are half donuts half croissants and are reportedly delicious.  They are also apparently hard to come by and people have been found waiting in line at bakeries to buy the cronuts and then turn around and sell them for a higher price - hence "cronut flipping."  It reminds one of the Tulip craze in Holland during the Golden Age when the price of tulips [...]
How Would You Make a Million?
How would you make a million dollars?  CNN interviewed ordinary folks on the street to get their take on that question.  Before watching what do you think the most common reply would be? The answers all seemed pretty solid and some pretty funny. Answers to the million dollar question on how to make a million dollars included: "Start saving from the age of 8." "Get a higher paying job." "Come [...]
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