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Teen Bella Weems Creates Multi-Million Dollar Company
When she was 14, teen Bella Weems wanted her parents to buy her a new car for her 16th birthday.  Her parents told the Chandler, Arizona, teen that she needed to pay for it herself.  So, what did she do?  She started her own company called Origami Owl.  Her product was quite brilliant.  She combined charms with a locket and called it a living locket.  Today at 17 her company is worth $250 million! Essentially [...]
Nail Artist Makes How Much?
Mei Kawajiri is a nail artist.  She paints nails.  She is so talented that last year she made $300,000.   That is $300,000 to do something creative that she loves and that her clients love.  Is there something creative that you love that could generate you some extra income? Mei is only 30 years old and hails from Tokyo.  She is now living in NYC and is booked everyday of the week.  She has [...]
Doctor Quits His Job to Start Camera Rental Business
Watch the video of the doctor, Roger Cicala, who quit his job and started his own camera rental business called Lensrentals. How did it happen?   With a hobby as a photographer this doctor needed to rent a specific telephoto lens that happened to be very expensive.  When he couldn't find anybody in his local area to rent it from he was forced to spend a couple of thousand to buy it.  He then [...]
Couple Avoids Foreclosure by Becoming Romance Writers
Jasinda Wilder (a pen name) and her husband Jack and their five kids were in dire financial straights and on the verge of having their house foreclosed when they struck on a desperate strategy to climb out of debt.   That strategy was to become romance writers - and it worked in red hot fashion! With income cut at one job and the other job lost so that Jack could stay home and care for one of the [...]
100 Jobs Girl Meets 100 Jobs in a Year Guy
It was destiny, fate, kismet.  Okay maybe it was just a meeting or interview between two different people on semi-similar career paths.  On the one hand you have Aimee Davison, the girl that had the goal to work a 100 different jobs for a minimum of $100 each interviewing Dave Herman, the guy who had the goal to work 100 different jobs in 1 year.   If you click that link you'll see a list of the [...]
Is This the Best Job in the World
A few years back a company advertised a contest for what they called the best job in the world.  You had to send in your reason why you deserved the job.  The promotion got a lot of attention and for good reason - many people who have a job are less than pleased with it!  The promotional campaign happened to be for a position as caretaker of a beautiful island, Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia. [...]
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