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Start a Fundraiser – for Yourself!
No, this is not one of those illegal "gifting" programs, this is a fundraising site that allows you to raise funds for yourself.  I'm sure there are other sites out there but I came across this one while I was putting together some posts for the wealthvibes site.  In two different instances someone had started a fundraiser for someone who had done a good deed.   In both cases that I initially looked [...]
Is This the Best Job in the World
A few years back a company advertised a contest for what they called the best job in the world.  You had to send in your reason why you deserved the job.  The promotion got a lot of attention and for good reason - many people who have a job are less than pleased with it!  The promotional campaign happened to be for a position as caretaker of a beautiful island, Hamilton Island in Queensland, Australia. [...]
Make this Your Best Year Ever
Want to make this your best year ever?  This is the post for you.  We have lots of tools, videos and advice to help you make this your best year ever.  We start it off with our new years motivation video above entitled, "This is your year."  It can be played at anytime of the year and in any year at all for that matter.  It comes with 2 sets of powerful positive affirmations to help you keep the [...]
Make Today Your Day
Want to make today your day?  Want to make every day your day?  Check out  this energetic video from Stefan Pylarinos where he sets out in detail the daily rituals he uses to make every day the best it can be. WARNING:   You may feel like you're in a war zone here as Stefan in his youthful enthusiasm has a tendency to drop the "f-bomb" on occasion.  What does this mean?  He sometimes swears [...]
How to Get More Done
Derek Franklin has created software called the Action Machine to help you get more done in life.  This is not your ordinary time management system.  It is software that encourages you to take action on a task and finish it.  Not only that but the more tasks you complete the more you'll want to complete.   This in turn will help you to get more done in every area of your life. Derek explains [...]
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