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Making Money by Magic
Making money by magic is something that Wayne Hoffman has been doing for years.  Hoffman is a mentalist and illusionist and has the ability to make over $350,000 a year should he choose to.   He has travelled the world performing his magic act.// // // ]]>He is a great model for anyone wanting to follow their passion and make money doing it.  Is there something you love that you can do and [...]
Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Sara Blakely Created This Product
Youngest self-made billionaire Sara Blakely got there by created the very popular product known as Spanx.  Spanx is a company that creates footless pantyhose and other body shaping undergarments for women. Self-made billionaire Blakely is the newest addition to the Forbes Richest People list.  As Blakely explains, she originally developed the product for herself as a slimming and shaping garment [...]
Lynn Tilton Tips on How to Make a Billion Dollars
Lynn Tilton is a self-made billionaire who was born in the Bronx, New York, grew up in New Jersey and went to Yale.  She received an MBA in finance from Columbia.  At only 23 she was working 15 hours a day on Wall Street.   Now, she is the CEO of Patriarch Partners, LLC, a private equity firm which manages her 75 companies that do about $8 Billion in business!  If you ever wondered how to make [...]
How Not to Go Broke over the Holidays
Today's post gives you some tips on how not to go broke this holiday season.   These tips on how not to go broke however are great for more than just curbing your spending during the holidays.  They can be used any time of the year! The video above features one very important key of how not to go broke this holiday season. It highlights the case of Sarah Downey, a woman who while married to a [...]
From Zero to 2 Billion in 8 Years – the Tory Burch Story
See how one woman went from zero to 2 Billion in just 8 years.  This is the Tory Burch story. Who is Tory Burch?  The Tory Burch story starts with her growing up in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  She went to school at Penn and then moved to New York City to work in the fashion industry.   In New York she worked at Harper's Bazaar Magazine, Polo Ralph Lauren and for Vera Wang all famous fashion [...]
Teenage Girl on Road to a Million
This video shows how one teenage girl, only 14 years old, is already on the road to a million. Watch the video of how one teenage girl is apparently on the road to a million after buying her second real estate property at the ripe old age of 14.  At this rate, if real estate values rise this teenage girl could very well become a millionaire and a teenage millionaire at that. How did this young [...]
Make Today Your Day
Want to make today your day?  Want to make every day your day?  Check out  this energetic video from Stefan Pylarinos where he sets out in detail the daily rituals he uses to make every day the best it can be. WARNING:   You may feel like you're in a war zone here as Stefan in his youthful enthusiasm has a tendency to drop the "f-bomb" on occasion.  What does this mean?  He sometimes swears [...]
Thrive – The Movie
Thrive - the movie is from the folks at Thrive Movement.  It is an interesting look at a variety of factors influencing the economy and our planet.   It comes from Foster Gamble, of the legendary Proctor-Gamble family. One of the basic messages from the movie is that our purpose on planet earth is to thrive yet for many it is a struggle just to survive.  Why is that and what can we do about it? [...]
When is a Job NOT Just Over Broke
Are You on the Right Track? When is a job not just over broke?   Hey, I know that sentence sounds a bit clunky and if you haven't heard the term "just over broke" as an acronym for JOB then it sounds real clunky, but bear with me for a second. Many people consider working at home or having their own business as being the end all and be all in the realm of career or money-making.  For others [...]
Flea Market Treasure
A $7 box lot at a flea market recently coughed up a flea market treasure in the form a Renoir painting!   The Renoir painting picked up by the anonymous buyer from the Shenandoah Valley is valued at $75,000 to $100,000. Now this flea market treasure is not the norm but is not unheard of either.  I'm sure you've seen the many stories of other fantastic flea market treasure finds or even extraordinary [...]
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