Can You Live Without Money? They Do.

Can you live without money?  It is difficult to imagine, but some folks are banding together, going off the grid and doing just that.   As you’ll see in the video above, learning how to live without money isn’t always easy.   However, the sense of community is a nice replacement and if you are willing to learn how to rough it in a material sense you might find that the elimination of the pursuit of money might just leave you richer for the experience.

In the video above residents of an eco community discuss the ups and downs of learning how to live without money and some of the creature comforts that it provides!   As defined in the video above they note that an eco village is filled with people who have chosen an alternative to centralized electrical, water and sewage systems.   Often folks show up just to check it out and end up staying for much longer.

One of the nice things about the eco communities is that they are environmentally friendly and low impact.  That is certainly a positive.  Another thing is that as those in the community aren’t working 8 or more hours a day, more time is spent on reflection, reading, and creative endeavors.

It is interesting to note that the desire for money and the resulting hassles that go along with thinking about bills are removed.   Of course they are often replaced with the work that goes along with replacing creature comforts to make existence livable, like cutting wood to make a fire to heat water and food, etc.

The video below is a trailer for the movie How to Live Without Money.


So, there are definitely trade offs in learning how to live without money.  I think it takes a special person to live without money.   If it is something you are considering doing, it might be wise to give it a go for a couple of weeks as a test at an eco village or community near you.  See if it suits you.   If not, you can always return to the world of high finance!

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  1. Chris says:

    And what happens when one breaks his leg and shatters his ankle at the same time? Or one gets Lyme or some other disease?
    Just curious.

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