Betsy Kaufman’s Million Dollar Food Invention

foodinventionWatch the video to see how Betsy Kaufman came up with her million dollar food invention idea called Eggies.  Essentially, Eggies is a way to hard boil eggs without the shell.  Betsy was surprised to find that the product didn’t already exist.  She contacted the folks from Edison Nation who help with inventions and her idea was selected for production!

Her idea was also selected to be used for the As Seen on TV program and she receives royalty checks monthly for one simple idea.   Now, here’s the kicker.  Supposedly, the product doesn’t work that great.  Reviews state that it is difficult to get the egg into the plastic container, that the container sometimes leak and that you have to hand grease the container yourself.

Even with all those problems the idea itself was so good that even though the execution here seems a bit flawed Kaufman is still making a fortune.   This is for all those perfectionists that think that an idea or invention has to be perfect before you can create it.  In this case, her Eggies product, even with room for improvement, is out there and making her money.  And, now that they know what some of the problems are they can set out to fix them.   Of course, you’ll want to test, test, test before actually selling it but speed to market is also a consideration.  And with help from companies like Edison Nation who do some of the production work, getting an idea to market is much easier now for the individual.

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