A $27 Bitcoin Investment Turns into a Million in Just 4 Years!

BitcoinSo, how does one turn an investment of just $27 into a million in just about 4 years?  Be in the right place at the right time and take a chance on something that has potential.  In this case, that something was Bitcoin, a new type of digital currency.

Kristoffer Koch from Norway made an initial investment in Bitcoin in 2009.  He promptly forgot about it and when he went back to check it’s value discovered that it was worth over $800,000 at the time.  That number has since grown to over one million dollars!   Not bad for an initial investment of just $27!

With Bitcoin there are no banks involved.  It is a peer to peer network where people can buy and sell using this method of payment.  Now, I’m not advocating investing in Bitcoin.   Though this payment system seems to be growing with more users and merchants getting involved who knows what the future will bring.   Just know, however, that as technology advances that there are always unique ways to make money – and in this case for one gentleman – a small fortune!

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