100 Jobs Girl Meets 100 Jobs in a Year Guy

100jobsIt was destiny, fate, kismet.  Okay maybe it was just a meeting or interview between two different people on semi-similar career paths.  On the one hand you have Aimee Davison, the girl that had the goal to work a 100 different jobs for a minimum of $100 each interviewing Dave Herman, the guy who had the goal to work 100 different jobs in 1 year.   If you click that link you’ll see a list of the 100 jobs that he did.   And, I grabbed a snippet of some of them that you can see in the 100 jobs picture to the left.

As Herman explains in the interview, he wanted to work as many different jobs as he could in order to complete the project and present the entire project as a resume in itself as an example of everything he can accomplish.  Not only is that a great strategy, but imagine all the experience and confidence he gained by gaining experience in so many different fields.   I mean just look to your left and see the diversity of some of those jobs.  From Dog Walker to Bartender to Mickey Mouse Clone lol!

Have you ever thought about working multiple jobs?  Imagine the experience one could gain.  This is something you could do while maintaining one regular job as well.  And, who knows, the moonlighting experience may lead you to a job you like better than your regular job.  Though, to be a clear, many of the 100 jobs are almost like short-term or temp positions.   Whether they are intended to be long term or simply temporary another great thing is that once you learn one you can always use it to make some extra money on the side at another time.

Hope you enjoyed these interviews with the guy who has completed 100 jobs.  Are you looking to make some extra money on the side.  Check out the Chris Farrell System.

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